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ArcGIS Desktop Labeling

Question asked by MonikaH on Nov 26, 2016
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I'm trying to label my Point feature class. Each point has an anchor position ( 0 - 8; combination of three horizontal alignment and three vertical alignment values) as well as a text angle value which I want to use to rotate the text. I created 9 label classes based on anchor position values. I changed the placement offset for each class to reflect the correct v/h alignment. But it seems that I can't use the text angle value to rotate the label. Is that correct assumption that if the rotation is used other placement options are forgotten? It seems that the label can be rotated only AROUND the actual Text point and there is no option to place the label to it's anchor position - e.g. bottom left offset - and rotate it around the offset location?


I attached an example of what I want to achieve.


Thank you for any help, Monika