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Exception using wcf service in Android 6.0.1 version in QT/QML

Question asked by tanerkoka on Nov 25, 2016
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We are using Arcgis Runtime SDK for Qt 10.2.6 and Qt 5.4.2 (MSVC 2013, 32 bit) Qt Creator QT\QML side. And we are develop and deploy Adroid app with Android Armeobi-v7a (GCC4.9 , QT 5.4.2) kid.

We have Galaxy Tab 2 and our application is correct working (wcf login services) in Android Operating System 5.0.2 Version but when I update My Android OS to 6.0.1 and then when I tried to use wcf (login) services gives exception .How can I solve this important problem ?

We are using below code (in Main) for passing certificate:

QSslConfiguration config = QSslConfiguration::defaultConfiguration();

Here is also our exception console output below;

D MenuDenemeNumarataj: (null):0 ((null)): int main(int, char**) ApplicationWindow_QMLTYPE_165_QML_191(0x9bbe2460)
D mali_winsys: new_window_surface returns 0x3000, [1536x2000]-format:1
D libGLESv2: DTS_GLAPI : DTS is not allowed for Package : com.mycompany.myappname
D ViewRootImpl: ViewPostImeInputStage processPointer 0
D ViewRootImpl: ViewPostImeInputStage processPointer 1
F libc : Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1, fault addr 0x8 in tid 20871 (QtThread)

How Can I solve this problem ?

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