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Resampling based on majority when there is a large difference in resolution

Question asked by verwe034 on Nov 24, 2016
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For a project I am trying to resample a raster containing soil classes from 10 meter resolution to a 30 arc seconds resolution. I did this with the Resample tool and used as Resampled Technique: Majority, because I want the soil type that covers the largest area of the output cell. However, looking in the detail at the resampled raster, it seems it took the soil type at the centre of the cell and not the soil class covering the largest area of the cell. According to the documentation of the Resample tool, the Majority technique uses only the 4 by 4 cells closest to the middle of the cell, resulting practically the same as the Nearest Neighbour technique due to the large resolution difference. As an alternative, I used the Block Statistics tool, but here the same seems to happen. In the figure below this is illustrated. The 30 arc seconds cell gets soil type C, while it seems to make more sense it would get B (or A).

So to summarize my question: Does anybody know how to convert the resolution of discrete raster based on majority and not the value at the centre?

Thanks in advance!