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esri leaflet map services

Question asked by GoMap@Arnt on Nov 23, 2016
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I'm finally underway with my hybrid app and trying to learn Leaflet+ESRI as I go, I went so far as to buy map services from Geodata, Norway's distributor of ESRI services, however...


I've set-up my map how I want it, added a few feature layers and been messing about with POIs, but when I'm now trying to change the base-map/displayed map to the service I bought from Geodata, it looks absolutely horrible!

It seems very pixilated and low quality.


Now, the default ESRI basemaps (Topographic for example) works wonderfully, is crisp and clear, unlike this one as well as responsive to boot, even on 3G. (Tested the prototype on 3G, 4G, 4G+ and wireless hotspots)


Am I adding the map service wrong? Using the wrong URL?  Here's my code:

// Create a new Mapvar ll = new L.LatLng(65.90378805867515, 13.79491163036881); ='map', {     center: ll,     zoom: 9,     fullscreenControl: true, }); L.esri.dynamicMapLayer({     url: '' }).addTo(;

Now, this being said, I'm not entirely sure I'm using the right URL even. 

The URL I was given was Geodata REST Services Directory which contains a lot of standards, I've tried looking online for the differences but as far as I understand they're minuscule at best. Am I doing something wrong? According to examples online and the Leaflet-ESRI API I don't think I've overlooked anything.


I hope anyone with a bit more knowledge than me can help.


Thanks in advance!

- A