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Import ESPG:4326 WGS84

Question asked by Mortensen91 on Nov 23, 2016



I'm trying to combine some data from an excel ark with an AutoCAD map, then import it into city engine to create a 3D map of the area. Each dataset is referenced with a set of coordinates from google maps, and I have been able to merge the data to the AutoCAD map in QGIS, but as the data is referenced as google coordinates it has a CRS [ESPG:4326 WGS84].



After I have merged the data and the map I want to import it into CE, but I can't find that CRS in CE, I have tried to convert to different CRS in Qgis but it then ruins the proportions.

Any idea of how I the CRS [ESPG:4326 WGS84] into CE?. I have CE 2015, and no access to ArcGIS.