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Merge or dissolve roads by name, but keep records seperate if there is an address gap?

Question asked by lygismav on Nov 22, 2016
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I would like to dissolve or merge records by the street name AND have separate records if there is an address gap.  For example:

Input Table: (street name, low, high)

3rd Street 100-199

3rd Street 200-299

3rd Street 300-399

3rd Street 500-599

3rd Street 600-699

5th Street 600-699

5th Street 800-899


Desired Output:

3rd Street 100-399

3rd Street 500-699

5th Street 600-699

5th Street 800-899


Currently I can use Dissolve and use add the statistics for Min of low and Max of high which will create a simple dissolve, however I would like to find where there are gaps in the address.


Current (undesired results) using dissolve and statistics fields

3rd Street 100-599

5th Street 600-899



Is it possible in ArcGIS, or Excel, or anything else to dissolve records together, but only if there is no gap in an address range?  please note: I will need to know how to do this within the table view as I will be comparing a spatial dataset to a non spatial dataset.