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How to use custom tile URL scheme in v100.0 (and 10.2.6)?

Question asked by on Nov 22, 2016
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In the JS API we can extend the ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer and change the method for getting a tile URL based on level,row,col which allows us to use non-standard methods of hosting tiles.  I was also able to do this with the native android SDK.  I am wondering if you guys can help point me towards how to accomplish this with the QT SDK.  I've been looking through the C++ docs in v100, but I also looked in 10.2.6 and had a similar problem. I am sure I'm just missing something obvious but I don't see a straightforward method for retrieving tiles like there is documented for the JS/Android versions.  Please let me know if this is doable, as it is fairly important to us to be able to do this, and we'd like to use Qt if possible.