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RasterLayer is not showing the image at right location

Question asked by JoseA82 on Nov 22, 2016
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I'm developing an Android application and I'm trying to add a RasterLayer to may map containing a tif image. The map has web mercator 102100 as spatial reference and the spatial reference of the image is different (ED50 / UTM 30N). I have the .pfj, .tif and .tfw files in the same folder. This is my code to add the RasterLayer to my MapView:


String rasterPath = "<path to tif image>";
FileRasterSource rasterSource = null;
try {
   rasterSource = new FileRasterSource(rasterPath);
   RasterLayer rasterLayer = new RasterLayer(rasterSource);
} catch (IllegalArgumentException ie) {
   Log.d("IAE", "null or empty path");
} catch (FileNotFoundException fe) {
   Log.d("FNFE", "raster file doesn't exist");
} catch (RuntimeException re) {
   Log.d("RE", "raster file can't be opened");


When I run the application, the image is shown in a bad location. I think the problem is the API is not making the reprojection of the image. How does the API know the spatial reference of the image? Do I need to add any other file?


Thanks in advance