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The feature table does not work. To show a lot of data

Question asked by guriguri1576 on Nov 21, 2016

I changed the arcgis-js api version from 3.14 to 3.18. 

This is because the alias has not changed in 3.14.

But I faced one problem.

In 3.18, the feature table did not work when there was a lot of data.

I have compared the parameters of both.








The value of returnIdsOnly was different.

So I tried to change this parameter but I could not find a way.

How can I change this parameter?

Or how can I show a lot of data in the feature table?


this is my code. 


if(map.getLayer('FeatureTableLayer')) map.removeLayer(map.getLayer('FeatureTableLayer'));
if(krcgis.core.EventList['table.add']) krcgis.core.EventList['table.add'].remove(); //다른 레이어 선택시 중복 이벤트 제거.
var result_layer_list = [];
var selectLayerInfos = [];
if (!this.cboLayer.item) {
var url = selectService.url + '/' + this.cboLayer.item.LYR_ID;

selectLayer = new FeatureLayer(url, {
mode: FeatureLayer.MODE_ONDEMAND, //여기를 좀 다른걸로 줘서 테스트해바바
// mode: FeatureLayer.MODE_SELECTION,
outFields: ["*"],
visible: false,
id: 'FeatureTableLayer'

if (!selectLayer) {
return; //피처 레이어 객체가 생성되지 않았을 경우.

if (this.InfoGrid) {
//console.log('infoGrid after create..', this.InfoGrid);
krcgis.core.EventList['table.add'] = map.on('layer-add',lang.hitch(this,function(e){
for(var key in e.layer.fields){
krcgis.Function.Dictionary.getList("FIELD",selectLayerInfos, lang.hitch(this,function(json){
for (var i=0 ; i<selectLayerInfos.length ; i++) {
var ename = selectLayerInfos[i];
var kname = ename;
if(json[ename]) kname = json[ename];
var result_layer_data = {
name: ename,
alias: kname
this.InfoGrid.fieldInfos = result_layer_list; = this.cboLayer.item.LYR_NM;
var _div ='<div id="_TableWidgetOnInfoGrid" style="width:100%;height:100%;"></div>', cpC.domNode);
this.InfoGrid = new FeatureTable({
featureLayer : selectLayer