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how can i make edites to the attribute table of layer that is a duplicate without effecting the origional layer.

Question asked by stormy1323 on Nov 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2016 by curtvprice

I have created a layer contaning data of all the tornados to occur in california since 1950. I have duplicated this layer. so there are two layers in my content pane - Cal_torn_map (the original) and ElninoTornados (the duplicate) 

what i am trying to do is make changes to the duplicate to show only tornados from specific years, as opposed to showing all tornados like the original.  

The way i was trying to do this is delete data from the attribute table of the duplicate to remove the points from the years i dont want, but when i do, points from the original are also deleted. 

Is there a way i can make changes to the duplicate without effecting the original?