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data driven pages toolbar won't display

Question asked by vsw30232_HACC on Nov 19, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by dbarnes-esristaff

When using ARCMAP 10.3 I try and add the data driven pages toolbar to the desktop, but it installs in the Layout toolbar. I can't use it at all.  I'm trying to take the state of Pennsylvania and use the counties as the index  for data driven pages for an assignment for class. The Esri tutorial on DDP uses a Grid, but I have to use the polygon from the counties shape file as the index. I went through Printer Setup, DDP to select the counties shape file, but the next step is the DDP tool bar which never displays individually. Always loads in the layout tool bar. 

This is my first post, so if my place is wrong, please let me know.