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Multiple images naming convention in Survey123

Question asked by sverker.norlanderesri-se-esridist Employee on Nov 21, 2016
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One of our customers are asking if it is possible to connect a certain attachment (photo) with the question.

I assume that they have multiple image fields in the survey and the text for the image field is a question.


Please take a photo of yourself [image field]

Please take a photo of your colleague [image field]


However, when reviewing the answers to the survey, they will not be able to tell which photo was uploaded to the field with the text "Please take a photo of your self" and which was uploaded to the other image field in the survey.


My recommendation was to design the survey in a way so that it would be clear which photo is which (i.e. "Take a photo of yourself with one finger in the air" and "Take a photo of your colleague with two fingers in the air").


Are there any plans for custom image naming, or naming the image based on the field order or something similar?


Note: the examples above are just fictional, I don't know what the customer are using this multiple image fields for.