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How to view deleted data points in Collector on iPad.

Question asked by Jdimmett on Nov 18, 2016
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I'm a newbie and this is my first question, so if I ask it improperly or don't provide enough background information please have mercy on me. 

Little background first... I am contracted by a large utility company to do vegetation management of the above ground power lines. We use Collector to input the data points & relevant information for each point. What I would like to know as title suggests is if there are data points that have been deleted, & if so who deleted them. Several people helped or contributed to the grid so I would like to know if and when any changes were made. 

I'd imagine that information would only be visible through the esri website, so if you could tell me where to go & what to do to acquire this information that would be very helpful. My hopes are to come back and thank everyone for their contribution in aiding my search for answers, but let me just say ahead of time... Thank you for everyone.