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De-selection of military symbol does not work

Question asked by Dark.rider85 on Nov 18, 2016

I am able to highlight a military symbol but I cannot turn the highlight off anymore.

I do this:


EsriRuntimeQt::Message selectMsg = EsriRuntimeQt::MessageHelper::createSelectMessage(EsriRuntimeQt::SymbolDictionaryType::Mil2525C, msgId, "position_report", true);

selectMsg.setProperty("_action", "select");



This will highlight my military symbol just fine!

But as soon as I do:


EsriRuntimeQt::Message deSelectMsg = EsriRuntimeQt::MessageHelper::createSelectMessage(EsriRuntimeQt::SymbolDictionaryType::Mil2525C, msgId, "position_report", false);

selectMsg.setProperty("_action", "un-select");



It has no effect on the same military symbol, i.e. it is still highlightning. What am I doing wrong here? Is there a bug?



I just tried this on a small project and there it works. I think I did some mistake with the correct message id in my other project. I have to check that.