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Where is the XY Location part of Mesaurement widget?

Question asked by bugrabugra on Nov 18, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2016 by bugrabugra

Hi all,


We were using Measurement widget which consists Line, Polygon and XY coordinate measurements. (you can check the attachments) But after Web App Builder Developer Edition upgrade we can not find the XY coordinate measurement section. Line and polygon calculations are highly improved but XY point measurement is lost. How can we re-enable this property? Or is there an alternative solution for point calculations? (Maybe ESRI thought that for point coordinate calculations, we can use Coordinate widget?)


And one more question is, if you look at BEFORE photo, you can see that coordinates can be serviced in different projections. DERECE means DEGREE in Turkish, there you can pick different units. This new measurement widget lacks of this ability. It would be better if ESRI kept this ability.


Thank you in advance!