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Unable to draw more than 4000 features in a FeatureLayer

Question asked by TW_WebMap on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by TW_WebMap

Hi, I am using the ArcGIS Javascript API 4.0 to display a Feature Layer hosted by AGOL.  It is a river network with 13,000 lines.  In the REST admin services, I have set the Max Record Count to 100,000 and the standardMaxRecordCount to 20,000.  I am using a definitionExpression to limit the number of lines that are drawn at any time.  The definitionExpression uses an attribute that is a measure of river size (stream order), so when you zoom out, only high-order streams are show, and when you zoom in to level 16, it will show all of the streams.  At the highest level of zoom, there should only be a few hundred lines visible.    When the query yields more than 4000 results, any features beyond the first 4000 results are not drawn.  4000, coincidentally (?) is the same number that was initially set as the maxRecordCount.   There's a popup window that works on the lines and shows the OBJECTID.  The numbering order is a little strange, but the easy way to replicate the behavior is to set both sliders to zero, zoom in to the west side, and as you zoom in, the definition query changes, some lines start disappearing, even though they are included in the definition query.   Here's a link to the map.  Thanks for any help!


Map here