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Using Network Analyst for weekly planning of orders

Question asked by Utkarsh on Nov 17, 2016
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I want t know if there is a way to leverage network analyst to create weekly or monthly plans for a sales person.

For example i have a a sales person who is assigned 50 orders. There is a weekly visiting frequency for each order, some being served once a week, some twice a week and some once every alternate week.


Is there a way i can get a weekly plan so that salesperson fulfils the following 

- maximum hour to travel should not be more that 9 hours a day

- maximum visit he can make in a day cannot be more than 10 

- also by the end of the week visiting frequency per order is fulfilled.


Any help or way to achieve this will be appreciated. Also if this is not possible with network analyst is there any other tool or combination of the tools i can use.