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Help with geoportal with LDAP Authentication

Question asked by vladymir30 on Nov 18, 2016



I need help configuring LDAP authentication for my geoportal 2.0.1, with geoportal v1.2.7 i have no porblems, the configuration in gpt.xml works good,  is there something I'm doing wrong?


Work flow:


1. Elastic search installed and working

2. Tomcat and geoportal 2.0.1 installed and working.

3. app-security.xml  using authentication-ldap  (authentication-simple commented).

4. authentication-ldap using my ldap server admin user credential and configuration to work properly (theres some differences with the old way with gpt.xml)

5.reboot everithing (Elasticsearch+tomcat+geoportal).

6. when I tried to login the error is this:


2016-11-12 06:09:49,189 INFO [
int.TokenEndpoint] - Handling error: InvalidGrantException, Bad credentials


any idea??


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SecurityPrincipal: gpt
CatalogAdminDN: gptadmin
GeoportalRoles: GPT_ADMINISTRATORS(members: gptadmin)

/The error/