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Accessing ExtensionManager

Question asked by selva_tutic on Nov 18, 2016

For setting the environment, I need to access the ExtensionManager in ArcObjects Engine application and add an extension by clearing the available extensions


IExtensionManager extentionManager = ____ as IExtensionManager;

UID uid = new UIDClass();
uid.Value = "esriTrackingAnalyst.TrackingEngineUtil";


((IExtensionManagerAdmin)extentionManager).AddExtension(uid, ref mapObj);


How can I clear the extensions, and have a fresh extension load.


In ArcGIS Desktop it could accessed through IApplication interface, but in ArcGIS Engine, which interface could be used for accessing it.

On Compile, the available extensions has been locked, by some schema representation, based on editing or other module extensions involved, but based on utility this has to happen only on runtime and automatically should be released.  Any such techniques to do that.


Dr Selvavinayagam