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CityEngine 2016.1 Crashes Consistently after Multiple Selections

Question asked by Holisticbynature on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by MicahShane

Hi All, 


I have been working with an older Scene in CityEngine, and it is not very complex. It consists of multiple cross sections with no context. The crashes occur about 5-10 minutes into working with the scene almost after a selection is made (not necessarily a large one). In addition weird GUI bugs manifest themselves in the inspector. 
Things I have tried: 

  • CityEngine 2016.1 Repair Installation
  • Moving Folder/Project Back off of shared drive
  • Deleting .CityEngine folder in user folder
  • Resaving the Scene Multiple times
  • Checking for Graphics Card Updates and Settings for CityEngine

Let me know if you have any suggestions based on the attached log file and list above.