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Networkfleet adaptor 10.4

Question asked by ebrown123 on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2016 by CBeyett-esristaff

I updated to 10.4 networkfleet adaptor. I followed the step by step pdf and recreated everything including the connector. I went in an updated our running services which used the connector.


The odd thing is that no matter what GeoEvent definition created after importing the .jar, i.e. (NetworkfleetGPS, NetworkfleetDiagnostic, NetworkfleetHealthBuffer, NetworkfleetHistogram, NetworkfleetLastBuffer, NetworkfleetSeatBelt, NetworkfleetSensor, NetworkfleetStatus, NetworkfleetVehicleReg), is used, we only see NetworkfleetGPS. Example is we use NetworkfleetVehicleReg  to NetworkfleetVehicleReg and and output to a file as a test, we see NetworkfleetGPS and the mapped fields associated to that definition. Its as if the other definitions aren't configured or all are overwritten by NetworkfleetGPS, or NetworkfleetGPS is the default and is the only definition that can be used.


Any ideas on how to fix this, work around this? This is causing a huge issue because we have a feature service which was working off 10.3 and now it doesn't work with 10.4.