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"Make a local copy of feature service for edit" not downloading data when behind firewall

Question asked by jzhangeica on Nov 13, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by rastrauch


I tried to follow Making a local copy of a feature service for editing—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop to edit the Feature Service via ArcMap. The feature service is from our own ArcGIS Server on Amazon and the Arcmap is on a laptop behind our corporate firewall. I could add the feature service to Arcmap and display OK, but if I went to Edit->Create Local Copy For Editing, then the download bar came up and loop for ages and eventually failed. However if I disconnect from the corporate network and connect to internet via 4G network through my phone (firewall removed), then everything works fine. So to me clearly it is a firewall related issue. I might be able to ask our IT to fix it however I'd like to know what I need to tell our IT to do (e.g. open a port number etc.?) thanks.