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enabling http and https - can't access anything through http

Question asked by SJCity on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by SJCity

Hi all!

I'm trying to enable the setting 'enable http and https' on our server, and after doing so, I can reach our services through https using port 6443, but I can't access them through http using 6080 anymore. All of our services, maps and applications are based on http and 6080, but now we need one service to be accessed securely through https because of an external application that needs a basemap to be ssl secured.

I assume that if I was to enable https only, I would have to recreate all of our maps and point them to service using https instead of http, correct?

Any idea how I can enable http and https for now and still be able to access our services through http and port 6080?


Thanks for your help,


Marc Seliger