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Importing dwg files

Question asked by FRANESCARUSSO22 on Nov 14, 2016
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I got houndreds of dwg files and DTM from a Geophysical survey for a submarine cable route (They are from alignment sheet). When I try to import them into ArcGIS (Desktop 10.2) it shows the message about the "Unknown Spatial Reference".

I have an .mxd with the Coordinates and projection already set up for that project.

Does anyone know why if I ignore this message  sometimes it is drawing the dwg in the right place and sometimes not?

If I try to convert them in shp in the first place and I try to give them the same  coordinate system and projection from the data frame, it doesn't really work for all of them. Some of them are projected in the right place and some not.

Please can someone advise on the best practice to import this data into my GIS?

Thank you very much in advance.