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Writing Annotation Features: Performance extremely Slow

Question asked by axlrnish on Nov 10, 2016

I'm writing a tool to delete and write features into feature classes (from a File Geodatabase into a Geodatabase). I have optimized the code which works fast with tables and feature classes. Just found out that it is fairly slow writing records into Annotaion FeatureClass, which I think is because of writing Blob values into Element field.


while ((feature = sourceCursor.NextFeature()) != null)


targetFeatureBuffer = targetFeatureClass.CreateFeatureBuffer();


foreach (FieldIndices _fldIndex in _fldIndices)


_SrcObj = feature.Value[_fldIndex.SrcI];


if (_SrcObj != DBNull.Value)


targetFeatureBuffer.set_Value(_fldIndex.TgtI, _SrcObj);



targetFeatureBuffer.set_Value(_fldIndex.TgtI, DBNull.Value);



_shape = feature.ShapeCopy;

_shape.Project(spatialReference); //project coordinates

targetFeatureBuffer.Shape = (IGeometry)_shape;






Is there a faster way of writing Annotation features ?