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Mapbook Universal Legend and Consistent Symbology

Question asked by elenamaps on Nov 14, 2016

Hello! I am trying to build a mapbook including 20 different layers. The mapbook will therefore have 20 maps. For each layer I have imported the same symbology - color, shape of the symbol etc.- and I have used the Multiple Attributes marker to show frequency of occurrences per location. Now, I am trying to set a universal legend at the very beginning of the mapbook, where I would like to display the size of the symbol in relation to the numbers of frequencies, the lowest 1, the highest 189. 
1. Ho can I normalize the symbology in all layers so that the symbols adjust their dimension to the number of occurrences? e.g. in one layer I only have 3 locations with respectively 1, 4, and 9 occurrences but in other I might have 65 locations with many more occurrences, and I would like the symbology to be proportionate and consistent throughout all the maps.

2. How can I set a universal legend at the beginning of the mapbook?


Many many thanks in advance!