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Can you nest multiple subtypes or domains to get finer granularity on a feature description?

Question asked by ARamirez_QSI on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by MKellyesri-ireland-ie-esridist

I have a sediment grab feature class that I am trying to attach sediment descriptions to in order to comply with the new NOAA CMECS standard. Their descriptions come as a heirarchy of options:


I don't trust the users to accurately select from a large list of domains in each field and make sure that the Subclass, Group, and Subgroup all actually go together. Ie. if each attribute is just an ordinary domain they might choose "Coarse Unconsolidated Substrate," "Sand," and "Gravelly Sand". 

I know I could make the Subclass a subtype with the Group being individual domains for each subtype, but can I take it a step further and filter the Subgroup by the choice of Group? Like a Russian nesting doll?