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AGO Export and Relationship Class

Question asked by jay.kapalczynski on Nov 10, 2016
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Hoping someone can think this through with me.

I have a collection that requires the user to visit multiple locations multiple times a year and collect data on a facility.

I have many Y/N questions that will prompt the user with additional questions.  If not hidden this would be a ton to scroll through for each location.

I wanted to use Collector for this particular collection but Collector is unable to hide and show fields based on values in other fields.  So looking further I noticed SURVEY123 would do the trick.  

BUT on the other hand if I use SURVEY123 I cannot select an existing feature and create a related record as I could in collector.


Therefore I end up with a Feature Class for the Facility Locations (in my EGDB) and another FC for the Records collected in SURVEY123 and an Attachment table for the images collected in SURVEY123 (in my AGO account).


Here is where it gets interesting.  My FC for the facilities is in my SDE.  The FC and Attachments table is published to my AGO account.  So relationship classes are out of the question


With the help of ESRI staff I was able to get a python script going that downloads the FC and Attachment table (created via SURVEY123 and in AGO) to my EGDB.  This is where I am stuck.  I am trying to display this data in ArcGIS Web Map.  I cannot seem to figure out how to relate the FC for facilities to the FC created in Survey123 and the attachment table created in Survey123.... ALL OF WHICH no reside in my EGDB


When I select my Facility in a web map I can see the related records in the table viewer of the FC created in Survey123 but I cannot see the attachments for each of those records....


I hope this make sense....


I am after one point for geometry, related to the FC and attachments created in SURVEY123.


Anyone have any thoughts?  Suggestions?