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Can you Add Attachments with Attach Table to AGOL Feature Service

Question asked by milkor56 on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by milkor56

I'm trying to bulk upload multiple attachments to an AGOL feature service. I add the feature service as a layer in ArcGIS desktop and try to "Add Attachments". There error is that the database is locked for editing. So I create a local copy of the service and run the "Add Attachments" tool. I verify that the attachments are added, but after I sync it, the attachments are not synced to the feature service.


If I try to start editing the local database, the tool does not work because it does not work on an editable database. If I run the "Add Attachments" tool first and then run a calculate field for all the records (to try to trick it), it still does not upload attachments.


Has anyone found a method around this issue?