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Discussion created by Riverside on Nov 6, 2009
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Not sure the relevance, I guess, I can see that Mike Grossman was looking at DDP at 12:18pm.  I assume that it is only showing where the person was looking at the time when last logged on, or is currently looking at, so it seems like there are a lot of readers online today, but they are just reading.  I suppose if this was more interactive, where it shows people typing in where they are asking questions, like how google wave handles live interaction, there might be some use.

So maybe this is functional, but maybe you don't want people to know who is doing what, I like to see people are online, yes I like that, but if I was an esri employee, I don't think I want that, if I am a specific employee, doug, craig, damian, whoever, maybe not so.  Now as an end user, maybe its cool to see them online, just something for you to think about.