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Bidirectional Sync Problem in Polygon features

Question asked by tkoka3 on Nov 9, 2016
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        We are using Arcgis Runtime SDK for Qt 10.2.6 and Qt 5.4.2 (MSVC 2013, 32 bit) Qt Creator QT\QML side We have local editing application which edits features within an offline geodatabase and sync back to the service.We are using GeodatabaseSyncTask class's generateGeodatabase (GenerateGeodatabaseParameters parameters, string filename) method to generate geodatabase and then we sync editings with syncGeodatabase(SyncGeodatabaseParameters parameters, Geodatabase geodatabase) method.We have also using bidirectional enum (gdb.syncGeodatabaseParameters.syncDirection = Enums.SyncDirectionBidirectional) and sync with geodatabaseSyncTask.syncGeodatabase(gdb.syncGeodatabaseParameters, gdb) .


We have two mobile device and edits in the same server from devices.In First device we have create new poligon and I sync that feature in server.The other device when I sync bidirectionaly in the same area I can not display that feature.But feature is there but I can not display also there is not eny error .How can I solve this problem ?

Her is the two device below:


 First Device :



Second Device :