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How to add a new attribute to infowindow of a dynamic map service or add additional content to the infowindow (PopupTemplate)?

Question asked by majetivaraprasad on Nov 8, 2016
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I am trying to add a new attribute at the end of the list of actual attributes in infowindow of a dynamic map service added to web map which is used in Web AppBuilder.


My workflow is -

1. Based on some operations, I would get a list of graphics from various layers of a dynamic map service. I need to add all these result graphics to a graphic layer

2. On click of this graphic layer, the infoWindow of dynamic map service shows the actual attributes

3. In this infoWindow it self, I need to add an additional attribute name and value (which is not in the data base) at the end or top of the actual attributes

4. Also, need to add a new link beside "zoom to" and on click of this new link, need to perform some action.


For point 3 above, I tried, appending content of the infoWindow, but it is not working.

For point 4 above, I am planning to implement a new "PopupAction"


Could some one please suggest me how to implement point 3?

And is it correct way to create a new "PopupAction" to implement point 4 or any other best approach?


Thanks in advance!


With Regards,

Vara Prasad.