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Which WAB to choose Portal? Online or devleoper version?

Question asked by navjotkaur on Nov 4, 2016
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I am little confused here. I am trying to create a web app using WAB. we have ArcGIS server and portal for our organization. First I started with portal WAB but since online version is most updated and has more capability I moved on to online WAB using layers from the ArcGIS server. But now we have the need to of more customization so I thought of installing the developer edition. Although I am not a programmer and just starting mu journey by learning from online forms and using publically available widgets or codes. Can someone guide me which would be my best bet Portal? or Online or Developer edition? Our main requirements are privacy of data we don't want data off site. More customized website as we go forward and I learn more coding. More capabilities. And annually adding more data. Basically this is 1st year then we need timeline analysis for future.

one more question do they release developer edition with online WAB edition?

Any help is greatly appreciated.