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ArcGIS Server @ Amazon

Question asked by wilsonl on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by wilsonl

Hi all,


We are in the planning stage of upgrading for our ArcGIS Server from 10.1 to the LATEST version.


Here are our current configurations:

  • ArcGIS 10.1 for Server (with over 50 large map/feature/tile services)
  • Total 2 instances, 4 machines

                DEV/TEST - 2 machines (1 for cluster/load balancer)

                PRODUCTION - 2 machines (1 for cluster/load balancer)

  • ArcSDE 10.1 (Oracle 11G)
  • ESRI Org AGO account (40 Web Maps, 20+ Web Apps)


Here are what we like to achieve:

  • setup Arcgis Server 10.4 on Amazon cloud
  • ArcSDE data store on-premise OR migrate to Amazon
  • Avoid long downtime


Here are our questions:


  • If we would like to use Amazon cloud, can we use our existing ArcSDE (oracle based, hosted in-house)
  • Is there a first time setup fee charged by Amazon?
  • do we need a load balanaer if we are using Amazon? 
  • Is there ongoing maintenance and support cost charged by Amazon or ESRI?
  • What’s the traffic and data usage cost for both the ArcGIS Server and ArcSDE access hosted by Amazon?
  • Any suggestions or strategies?



Thanks so much!!!