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Append Tool and Field Mapping ... Help? Examples?

Question asked by ScottEvans_CCG on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by dylanh0

Having a bit of trouble with the field mapping component of the append tool; I cannot seem to get it to work properly as I am left with a feature class that is populated with all the features, but the attribute table remains blank. 


Background info: I have two feature classes in an enterprise geodatabase with address point data.  One is the authoritative source edited by our address coordinator and the other is used as to host a map service.  The data is essentially the same, but the schemas are slightly different; half of the fields are the exactly the same, but others have different names.  My workflow has been to update the 'map service' feature class on a daily basis by deleting all the records and loading the data manually, selecting the NO_TEST option, and manually mapping the fields where the names are different ... but this is where I run into trouble with my script.


I've ran the append process manually using the geoprocessing tool and copied the python snippet of the field mapping component and am left with an output attribute table that has all null values.  Ideally I'd like to move away from this style of coding as I am aware it can be rather clunky/lengthy ... and it just does not work (even though it throws no errors).


I'd like to do 'real' field mapping, but so far the examples I've found have a bit more complicated or focus mainly on the Merge tool.  I'd like to see a nice, simple Append tool example if possible.


Also, how does field mapping work if some fields are the same and others are different? I haven't run across a good example that deals with this problem.


Here are some of the sources I've looked at so far:

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