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ArcGIS Collector - limit on Feature Service for offline?

Question asked by jfpeagle-co-nz-esridist Employee on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by DMoore-esristaff

Hi there


I have a Feature Service that is roughly 1.5GB which I need to download and use for offline use.

The data is hosted on ArcGIS Server 10.3


What I find is that if I want to download the full data set I get a timeout error.


However if I create four webmaps (North / South / East/ West) and then make download each section I can get the data off the deivce and sync back correctly


I use iOS collector and have replicated this on a few devices



Are there any limits on size of Feature Services that you can download.

I do know that there are limits on what you can download for the basemaps.


Thank you

John P