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ArcGIS collector unable to update features

Question asked by epescatore on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by epescatore

Has anyone encountered an issue in which users are unable to EDIT a feature class within ArcGIS Collector (latest release as of (3-NOV-2016).  We are encountering a major issue with our field users being unable to EDIT a feature. Our services are all being hosted on AGOL (Not Portal), and currently we've set permissions on those feature services to allow for EDITS only and not placement of new points. We've also shifted it around to allow various changes to the permissions to allow for New points to be captured to allowing it to be PUBLIC viewable.  


The error does not occur when a user is adding a NEW FEATURE. But attempting to edit it after the fact ends with the failure message below.


The error message is simple (Update Failed/Delete Failed)


Feature could not be deleted.

"The operation could not be completed.

No permission to edit the specified feature.

No permission to edit the specified feature. (this is listed twice as we do have a duplicate copy of the feature in the ToC)


Updates on the web map works fine. This is quite strange as we have had no updates or changes to the web map that is being used by the Collector in over 3 weeks. This error is also effecting other users and web maps... Very strange...


Attempting now to bring the features into a fresh Web Map. But all the settings on the previous maps were fine...