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Feature Datasets or DataOwners for SDE organizational pattern

Question asked by deleted-user-t3dSviijg-m9 on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by jborgion

I've always preferred using SQL logins with data owner privileges as my organizational pattern in an enterprise GDB. That way the name of the SQL logins is used an alphabetical organization tool within the name of the layer. 


Example: Several SQL Logins (FEMA, PublicWorks, Cadastral, Coastal, EmergencyServices). 

Data would be named: GDBNAME.EmergencyServices.FireStations







And so on.


My question is, I started to take a look at ESRI's local government model gdb schema, and everything is organized in feature datasets. This is confusing to me. 


I've always used feature datasets for feature classes that were truly related, for instance, terrain datasets, network datasets, parcel fabric, data with shared topological rulesets. 


I've avoided using datasets as my organizational pattern mainly to avoid unnecessary schema locks on an entire dataset when a user is accessing one feature class within.


Have gdb organizational standards changed? Can someone more knowledgeable than me please explain this me so I can understand and try adapting this practice into my own work? I like the idea of the Government Model but need justifying as to why it was organized this way.



Any help is appreciated,