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Coordinate Widget and small device previews

Question asked by nickharvey on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by nickharvey

Hi All - I am working with WAB DE 2.2 and configured the Coordinate Widget for our data (WKID 2264).  The widget works in the desktop browser versions that I have installed (tested Firefox, IE, Chrome, etc)...But then I started doing smaller device previews (a great feature, love it).  I noticed that the "Click the map to get coordinates" option is disabled and the coordinates are no longer responding to cursor movement when previewing on smaller devices (basically anything that is not a desktop browser or an iPAD).   I'm not sure if others are having this problem, and why it is specific to smaller screen (phone) previews, including iPhone 6 etc.  Not sure if my issue overlaps with Coordinate widget bug? as it is working for everything but smaller screens... Any suggestions or info helpful.