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Near Me widget Inaccurate buffer distance

Question asked by howardkim77 on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by howardkim77

Hi, I created a ArcGIS app with webappbuilder through ArcGIS online. I used Near Me widget to get the distance between my location and nearby hydrant point. Basically, Near Me widget is set to find hydrants near my location by the buffer distance that I can set with a slider bar. However, it seemed about 30% short of the actual distance, so I added a Measure widget to the sidebar and compared the distance with Near Me widget'z buffer distance. 


As seen from the picture, the Near Me's buffer is set to 179 ft. from the bright square location and displays yellow ring. But when you used Measurement widget's distance measure tool, you can see the blue line distance is 172.8 ft (result panel on left), which is longer than the buffer ring of 179 feet. 


Any comments or feedback will be helpful, thanks!