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GeoForm not letting me access all layers from the Web Map

Question asked by TravelingChick3 on Oct 31, 2016

I'm actually working through "Getting to Know Web GIS: Second Edition" book, so I'm just learning this stuff. One of the exercises has us build an app from GeoForm, using layers created from a .gdb file.  I created the map and the feature layers just fine, but when I go to create the app and choose the layers, it is only choosing the first one in the table of contents, instead of the three that are on the map and in the sample data provided. 


One of the options is supposed to be "All Layer."  My understanding is that if I choose this, then the user would get to pick which form to use (in this case point, line or polygon).  This is not happening.


As I said, only the first layer is an option. Have I missed something? Does this not work as I assume (totally possible).


The exercise is from chapter 3 of the book, and the gdb is attached.

The REST URLs of my feature layers are: 


The WebMap URL is 


Here is the step in the "Configure App" process that doesn't appear to function as expected.


Thanks for any help.