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"Continue this survey" results in duplicate records?

Question asked by rowright on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by matthysj

We have been training field staff in the use of Survey123 for deer check station work this coming weekend. One of them discovered what appears to be a bug when presented with the connectivity on "Survey Completed" options. If one chooses the "Continue this survey" option, returns to the form, makes changes (or not), completes the survey, then chooses "Send Later", an extra record is found in the Outbox. If "Send Now" is chosen, the duplicate record is also generated and is sent along with the intended record. If one chooses to "Continue this survey" a second time an additional record is generated. We have found that additional record is generated each time e.g., you choose to "Continue this survey" 5 times for a particular survey, 5 duplicate records are generated. We have documented this on Windows, Android and iOS platforms.