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Best practice Pop-up or Info window example for updating attributes in a table

Question asked by eric.anderson@cdcr on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by rscheitlin

Hi there everyone,


I am brand new (2 months) to ArcGIS, but I have been a software developer for years. One of the first projects I have been handed is to develop a web application that shows a facilities map that shows a point on a state map for every facility in our state. The user wants the ability to click on each point and have it display some attributes from a table for a row that relates to that facility, which I gather can be done through either a Pop-up or an Info window. Some of the information to be presented from the table is 'Last Inspection date', 'Date of last Accident', 'Name of Health and safety officer' and so on.


Now, they also want to be able to update the attributes on the table through the web app, preferably through the window displayed. So, if the user is visiting a facility and finds a safety violation, they want to be able to go out to the web portal, click on the facility that they are at, and enter information relating to the violation that has been located.


I would appreciate it if anyone can point me to a best-practice example of an approach to apply updates to a table through a web-map.


Thank you!