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What is better build pyramids or overviews in a mosaic dataset? Or do I need both

Question asked by mikeWunderlich on Oct 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2019 by GDoerffel-esristaff

Hi GeoNet Community,


I am new on GeoNet and have a Question, do I need a pyramid and an overview for my content in a mosaic dataset?


I tried it by my own, I used 3 *.tif with a size of 9Gb and tested both...




*.tif (3 items)


*.tif (3 items) + mosaic dataset + overviews


*.tif (3 items) + *.ovr (3 items) + mosaic dataset + overviews



Of course, if I do not build the pyramids the overviews would be more but the size of the overviews is small in comparison with the pyramids but where is the difference?

And I know that the loading of one tiff would take more time, but I will handle all tiffs as a mosaic.


Thanks a lot,