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How to optimize GeoEvent and the runtime sdk?

Question asked by granitecrow on Oct 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by granitecrow

I am constructing a windows dashboard using the runtime sdk showing real-time values by leveraging the geoevent extension. My current process of updating features is slow and expensive.

The geoevent extension is logging captured values to a featurelayer. From the desktop client, I am polling the featurelayer for updates. Based on a little research, it looks like there is a streaming capability via websockets but it looks like it is only support for the javascript API. A web browser is unfortunately not an option for my client.

Is there something that can be done between the type of layers saved and what the runtime engine can do?

I am debating writing a lot of custom capability using SignalR in order to fix this issue but I would rather not if I could help it.



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