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Geocoding suggestions / auto-complete in Android

Question asked by belgravia on Oct 28, 2016



in my Android app, I'm using a locator (geocoding service) for the search functionality, i.e. 

Locator locator = Locator.createOnlineLocator(URL to a 10.2 ArcGIS Geocoding Service) 



Moreover I'm using the same service in a Web application with ArcGIS for Javascript. In the Web application, I'm able to get a character-by-character auto-completion although I do not use the ArcGIS Server 10.3 "suggest" capability (I am still using esri/dijit/geocoding with autoComplete=true, not the new search widget).


So I thought that auto-completion should also work in my Android app... I tried to use 

LocatorSuggestionParameters params = new LocatorSuggestionParameters(text input...);
locator.suggest(params, new CallbackListener<List<LocatorSuggestionResult>>() {...

as specified in the API reference but I'm not getting any results.


Can somebody please tell me if the auto-completion for geocoding services in Android is only possible with the ArcGIS Server 10.3 "suggest" capability?