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How to change field type in Excel before importing?

Question asked by EllieHakari on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by curtvprice

Hello everyone!


I'm currently trying to calibrate stationing along a highway, but I need the stationing to be straight numbers ("54000" instead of the typical "540+00"). I have an Excel document that the correct formatting is in, and I thought I'd join it with our current stationing shapefile, but when I import it into ArcMAP, the field is automatically changed to a string. I need it to be a number field. That's the only way the calibrate tool will work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Things I've tried:


Changing field type from ArcCatalog (which I found you can't change from text to number)

Setting the type in Excel to number



EDIT: I fixed it myself. Apparently if you save your Excel document as a .csv first, then import it, ArcMAP will automatically make the field numeric.