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Business Analyst Desktop 10.4.1 - I am not able to run reports, any suggestions?

Question asked by ceschmitt on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by rsinha

Tomorrow I will be going on day 3 of tech support trying to resolve this issue and I am running out of patience with this entire software package.  The scenario, everything was working great using 10.3.1 with 2015 BA data, but of course we need to access the 2016 BA data, which requires us to upgrade all of our desktops to 10.4.1 respectively.  Using my machine as the test machine, we updated, as instructed and nothing works.  For example, I use Evaluate Site, Click on Map and nothing happens,.  Technical support suggested doing a full uninstall/reinstall; which I did and I am getting the same results.  I'm sure there is something simple that the support team is missing and I am curious if anyone in the community might know what that is.  I appreciate any help or suggestions. 


(I have tried bringing in a pre-existing trade area to run a demo off of that, that provides an error.)

and yes I have installed the patch for 2016 data.


Thank You.