How to find clusters/hotspots/density?!

Discussion created by pbrockhill on Dec 14, 2010
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Is there a simple place to start learning about mapping clusters and/or hotspots?
I have national datasets of points for each type of business (eg communication, education etc).  For each type of business i would like to highlight areas of high concentrations of them...ie areas where we can put new stores for each of these industry types to service them.

I have been looking through 'The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis  volume 2: spatial measurements & statistics' which is great, but NOTHING tells me HOW TO DO IT.  i see loads of images that i would like to create, but nothing telling me what tool to use or how to use it.

For example on page 152 they show nearest neghbor hierarchical clustering...looks good, just no idea where to start.  I can't find any tool called 'nearest neighbour hierarchy clusting'.

I can't find anything on the ESRI site (including resources) to help me either. any links would be appreciated.  I'm not a statistician so need simplicity if at all possible.  :o

any ideas?

thanks for any help