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Use an image for tile layer in legend?

Question asked by rmurray_nthp on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by rmurray_nthp

We use a lot of tile layers in our web maps. The main feedback I keep getting is that our legend is confusing, as it will show something like this:



In our print maps for this project, we customize our legend for our layers to look something like this:



These are tile layers, so the content is not dynamically changing once we upload them. Is there any way to use a static image, like the one above, for these layers in the legend?


My workaround has been to remove the tile layers from the legend, and include an image and description of the layers in the information panel on Web App Builder or in story map journal -- however, this is inconvenient to users who have to click through and reference a separate panel to see this information. We have many layers that users can click on and off in our web apps, and it would be a lot nicer if we could keep our tile layers in our legend, and have them display an image like this instead. Is there any way to do this?